European Branded Bags Preorder (ENDs 16th May 2013)

Hi dears,

I am going on a trip to Italy/Switzerland in Mid May and am taking in about 8 orders for any branded bags/watches order. As long as it's a Europe brand, I am able to get it for you in Italy the price you pay will be the price that I buy for you as indicated on the receipt x exchange rate on my credit card. And i will not be refunding any VAT. For the GST of 7%, I will only charge if I am being 'inspected' at the custom and forced to pay for the tax (fingers crossed).

Dateline will be 16th may. I will be back on 1st June, so we can meet the week for me to pass you the bag.

I would require a 20% deposit and then with remaining cash on delivery, via meet up or pick up at my place in Punggol/Tampines. I will provide the receipts to you and refunds will be given if I did not manage to get your bag. Please provide me with following details
1) name
2) contact number
3) model of the bag with link or pictures
4) Price of the bag (if you are not sure, we can provide the estimate first)

You can contact me at to place the order.

The common brands to buy in Italy:
Louis Vutton

For watches in Switzerland, you can check out Rolex, Swiss Army, Tag Heuer, Omega, Tissot, etc.

You can make the 20% deposit to posb savings 194-08094-8. We will only confirm your order once the deposit is made.