How to authenticate Hermes

Here are some things to look out for in order to tell the difference between an original Hèrmes Birkin bag and a replica.

#1 Shape: The shape of the bag should be firm and pronounced. It should not slouch or bulge at all regardless of its position.

#2 Leather: The leather of a Hèrmes Birkin bag is of the finest quality and should feel smooth and firm. It should not feel coarse. A replica bag usually has a plasticky feel to it.

#3 Stitching: All Hèrmes products are hand-stitched which means the stitching is going to be meticulous but it will not be absolutely perfect. The stitches should be neat and tight with no loose threads. The colour of the stitching typically matches the colour of the bag. Replica bags are usually machine-stitched so the stitching is uniform with the same distance apart and of the same size.

#4 Hardware: All hardware on Hèrmes bags – the lock, front buckle, zipper and bottom studs - are plated with either palladium or gold to prevent tarnishing. The hardware should look polished and of high quality. All of the hardware on the bag should match. The brand name engravings on the hardware such as the front clasp and zipper should be delicate, thin and refined. Fake Birkins usually have deeper, wider engravings with letterings that are further apart.

#5 Closure: The toggle at the front has a smooth turn to it. There is no interruption as you turn it and it should not feel grainy. The toggle of a replica bag does not have the same smooth quality. The metal plate should be perfectly centered on the leather strap. It also has a clear and refined ‘HERMÈS - PARIS’ stamp. The rectangular cutout on the strap should be neat. On fake Birkins, the cutout is usually rough.

#6 Lock & Key: The lock and key is one of the signature features of a Hèrmes Birkin bag. The lock has a H logo on the front and a pristine ‘HERMÈS’ engraving at the bottom. The weight of the lock should be substantial, not light. The lock should match the other hardware of the bag and it has a number engraved at the bottom indicating the batch number. The key is tied to a leather string, not attached via a metal ring, and is tucked away in a leather lanyard.

#7 Front stamp: The stamp at the front of the bag should say ‘HERMÈS PARIS MADE IN FRANCE’. Note the capital letters. The colour of the stamp should match the colour of the hardware e.g silver stamp matching palladium hardware. The stamping should be clear, uniform and highly legible. It will never be irregular or smudged.

#8 ID: All Hèrmes Birkin bags have a stamp on the reverse side of the right strap. The series of digits and letters identifies the craftsman who made the bag while the letter inside the square marks the year the bag was made. “L” indicates the year 2008, “M” is 2009, “N” is 2010 and so on. Bags made between 1971-1996 are encased in a circle instead of a square and bags made between 1945-1970 have no geometric shape.

#9 Lining: A Hèrmes bag should be lined in chevre leather which typically matches the colour of the exterior of the bag.

#10 Inside Zipper: The leather zipper pull should be smooth and firm and match the bag. It should also have contours on it, which fake bags usually don’t have. The zipper pull should not hang down at a 90 degree angle from the zipper line. It should remain parallel to the zipper line as the high quality zipper mechanism holds it in that position to prevent it from dangling around. The brand name engraving on the zipper should be refined. At the end of the zipper line inside the bag, there is a metallic H logo. The zipper should be smooth – it should close and open easily.

How to Spot a Fake Kate Spade Bag

Not sure how to tell apart a fake and authentic Kate Spade bag? Here are some tips.

#1 Country of Origin Tag: Kate Spade bags after 1996 should have a country of origin tag. It is often hidden in the interior pocket of the bag or sewn onto the seam. Sometimes it may be stamped/sewn onto the interior logo tag, or the country of origin may be written on the content label inside the bag. Most Kate Spade bags are made in the USA, Italy, China, Taiwan, Indonesia, the Philippines and Dominican Republic. Most of the nylon bags from 1996 to 2002 were made in the USA and some were made in Taiwan from 1997 to 1999, but now they are usually made in China and Indonesia. All leather, suede and calf Kate Spade bags are typically made in Italy. Straw and wicker bags are usually made in the Philippines and Taiwan. A few Kate Spade collections were manufactured in the Dominican Republic.

#2 Front label: Bags made since 2000 should say ‘Kate Spade New York’ – with the brand name in lower case letters and ‘New York’ under it written in all uppercase – unless it is part of a special collection, in which case it will have the name of the collection below the brand name. Some bags have front labels only saying ‘Kate Spade’ without ‘New York’ under it. Always check the size & shape of the letters as well as the spelling.

Common types of front labels:
• Leather bags will never have a fabric label on them. An authentic Kate Spade leather bag always has the brand name embossed (usually in gold foil or gold plated metal logo) or stamped on directly onto the leather.

• Some Kate Spade bags have a light gold plated rectangular or spade label on the front of the bag with ‘Kate Spade New York’ engraved on it.

• Some handbags have ‘Kate Spade New York’ engraved onto the light gold plated closure of the bag.

• Some bags, including most nylon bags, have a rectangular patch on the front which can be made of cowhide, resin, leather or other materials with the brand name embossed on the plate. The plate is secured on all four corners and typically matches the bag or the trim of the bag.

Kate Spade bags also usually have a light gold-plated spade stud or an embossed spade above the brand name label, unless if the front label is a light gold plated rectangular or spade label.


Here's some examples of fake Kate Spade Logos:

#3 Feet: For Kate Spade bags that come with feet, the feet are small and unobtrusive. They should not be large and they should not be cone-shaped or pyramid.
Typically, the feet of Kate Spade bags are 14-karat light gold plated, circular, flat and placed at each of the four corners of the bag. Kate Spade bags that do not have metal feet are the nylon Sam, Claire, Amy, Messenger bags and diaper bags.


#4 Hardware: Examine the zippers, snaps and other hardware on the bag. They should be of high quality with no rust or tarnish. Kate Spade bags usually come in 14-karat light gold plated hardware.

#5 Stitching: The stitching on the bag should be even with no loose threads.

#6 Retail tag: Brand new authentic Kate Spade bags usually come with a retail tag that is green on one side with ‘Kate Spade New York’ on it.

At the back of the retail tag, the style name and style number of the bag should be written on it with a barcode below. The style name should be in all small letters and common style numbers start with PXRU or PWRU followed by a 4-digit number.


#7 Care card: Other than the retail tag, brand new authentic Kate Spade bags should also come with a green Kate Spade care card which tells you how to properly care for the bag.


Authenticate Prada Bags and Wallets

Here is a guide on how to differentiate a fake and genuine Prada bag or wallet.

#1 Authenticity Card: New Prada bags come with an authenticity card. There are 2 types of cards which may come together or just one without the other. These cards usually come in a small black envelope with PRADA stamped on the front. One is a small plastic card with a magnetic strip – it has the Prada logo on the front and product details imprinted on the back. The other is a cardboard card with a decal on the back showing product details, and one or two barcodes. Check that the article number, material name & colour on the card(s) match the bag.

·        Article number: The first 1-2 letters indicate the type of item. Commonly seen article numbers are “B” – handbag, “V” – briefcase, portfolio, messenger bag or waist pouch, “1M” – small accessory such as wallet, cosmetic pouch, “1N” or “MV” – small bag commonly called pouchette.

·        Material name: Bufalo – Buffalo Leather, Camoscio Chamois (suede), Canapa Canvas (hemp), Cinghiale Wild Boarskin, Coccodrillo – Crocodile, Daino – Deerskin, FeltroFelt (wool), Lucertola – Lizard, Nappa – Lambskin, NeopreneCloth Vinyl, Paglia – Straw, Pelliccia – Fur, RasoSilk/Satin, SaffianoTextured Leather, Scamosciato – Suede, Spazzolato Polished Leather, Struzzo – Ostrich, TessutoWoven Nylon/Microfiber, Vela Sport – Nylon, VernicePatent Leather, VitelloCalf Leather.

·        Colour name: Some of the colour names include Arancio – Orange, Bianco – White, Bluette – Cornflower Blue,  Cobalto – Cobalt Blue, Sabbia ­– Beige/Tan, Cameo – Blush, Camello/Cuoio/Rame/Sughero – Camel/Medium Brown, Oro – Dark brown, Nero – Black, Fuoco – Bright Red, Rosso – Deep Red, Rosa/Geranio – Pink, Pervinca – Light Blue, Bordeaux – Burgundy or Wine, Viola ­– Violet Purple, Ibisco – Hibiscus (A Deeper Pink), Militaire – Dark Olive Green with Brownish Undertones, Fumo – Grey with Brownish Undertones, Ottanio – Teal.


#2 Stitching: Stiching is small, even and straight. No hanging threads or fraying in the corners.

#3 Exterior Logo: The Prada logo should be displayed on the inside and outside of the bag. The logo plates should be mounted perfectly straight. On the outside, there is usually a triangle plate firmly attached at each of the 3 points, with the words PRADA MILANO DAL 1913 and all letters slightly raised. Some bags have the Prada logo or name embossed on the outside instead of a metal plate.

#4 Interior logo: There should be a rectangular plate on the inner pocket of the bag that reads PRADA MADE IN ITALY or PRADA MILANO MADE IN ITALY. This plate is usually metal or leather. The plate should have a background colour matching the interior fabric of the bag and border/lettering matching the colour of the hardware. 

#5 The R curve: The letter R in a Prada plaque commonly has a distinct slightly curved leg, not a straight leg.

#6 Lining: Authentic Prada bags are also usually lined with the Prada signature fabric which has the brand's monogram woven throughout – one line the right side up and the next upside down. Some bags have plain smooth calf leather or satin lining in a matching or contrasting colour to the exterior of the bag. Prada wallets are always lined with either textured leather (Saffiano) or smooth calf leather (Vitello).


#7 Numbered tag: Prada bags typically have a white numerical tag sewn into the inner pocket.


#8 Hardware: All hardware on Prada bags should have ‘Prada’ engraved onto it. They usually come in silver-toned, gold-toned or rose-toned. A bag with a combination of these colours or a different colour may not be genuine.


#9 Zippers: Prada bags usually use zippers from Lampo, YKK, riri, Opti or IPI. Check the back of the zippers for the brand. Zipper pulls should be either brass/polished steel metal pull with ‘Prada’ engraved on it or a leather pull that matches the colour of the bag exactly.
*Disclaimer: Please note that the above are based on our own experience in identifying genuine bags. During your purchase of a prada bag with an individual seller, we recommend that you bring the bag for authentication before purchasing as there are too many Grade A fake prada bags in the market.

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How to authenticate Coach Bags

 At Amore Venti, we guarantee that your purchases are 100% authentic.
Here are some tips on how you can differentiate between a fake & an authentic Coach bag.
#1 The CC pattern: If the Coach bag has the signature CC pattern, check it carefully for irregularities.
• Make sure the C's are actually C's & not G's or O’s.
• The CC pattern should always have a horizontal CC print followed by a vertical CC print. The C’s should be next to each other in doubles, not in a single row of C’s.
• The CC pattern should be aligned perfectly both horizontally & vertically.
• There should be no breaks in the pattern, even at the seams & front/back pockets, although some side seams are almost impossible to continue the pattern on.
#2 Fixtures: Most fixtures of Coach bags, including metal hardware, should contain the Coach logo. However, some newer models do not have the Coach stamp on the fixtures. When in doubt, check photos of an authentic product to see if the fixtures of that particular style contain the Coach logo.
#3 Stitching: The seams of a Coach bag & its interior authenticity tag should be neatly stitched on, not glued on. Each stitch on a Coach bag should be of the same length & follow a straight line. There should be no “over-stitching”, or sewing stiches over an edge to prevent fraying/loosening. If you see the string knot or cheap threads that may be pulled out from some places, the bag may be a fake.
#4 Sturdiness: The bag should look sturdy, not slouching to one side or lopsided.
#5 Authenticity tag: Most Coach bags have a square-shaped leather panel inside with a Coach creed & a serial number consisting of letters & numbers stamped on it.
• The panel should be sewn into the lining, not glued on.
• The Coach creed should be in all capital letters, in English and with no spelling mistakes.
• The writing should be neat, not crookedly stamped on.
• Some of the smaller purses/bags and some older Coach bags do not have serial numbers.
• The interior serial number should start with “No” (abbreviation for number) & have 4 to 5 digits after the dash indicating the style number of the bag.
• The patch should be embossed into the leather, not simply printed in ink. Some bags such as the Legacy series are lettered in a gold-coloured ink & even then, the patch is still stamped into the leather before being lettered over in gold.
#6 Logo tag: Coach bags have logo tags attached by a beaded metal chain. The tag should usually match the trim of the bag. The words “COACH” should be raised, not imprinted. Most tags are leather, not hard plastic, but some styles have metal tags.
#7 Zippers: The zippers of most Coach bags, but not all, are branded with the letters “YKK” – a high quality manufacturer of zippers. The zipper pull is usually made of leather or a series of rings.
#8 Lining: If the outside of the bag has the signature CC pattern, the lining will not have the pattern. If the inside of the bag has the CC pattern, the lining will not have the pattern. Sometimes neither the lining nor the outside material has the CC pattern. An authentic Coach bag should not have the CC pattern on both.

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