How to Spot a Fake Kate Spade Bag

Not sure how to tell apart a fake and authentic Kate Spade bag? Here are some tips.

#1 Country of Origin Tag: Kate Spade bags after 1996 should have a country of origin tag. It is often hidden in the interior pocket of the bag or sewn onto the seam. Sometimes it may be stamped/sewn onto the interior logo tag, or the country of origin may be written on the content label inside the bag. Most Kate Spade bags are made in the USA, Italy, China, Taiwan, Indonesia, the Philippines and Dominican Republic. Most of the nylon bags from 1996 to 2002 were made in the USA and some were made in Taiwan from 1997 to 1999, but now they are usually made in China and Indonesia. All leather, suede and calf Kate Spade bags are typically made in Italy. Straw and wicker bags are usually made in the Philippines and Taiwan. A few Kate Spade collections were manufactured in the Dominican Republic.

#2 Front label: Bags made since 2000 should say ‘Kate Spade New York’ – with the brand name in lower case letters and ‘New York’ under it written in all uppercase – unless it is part of a special collection, in which case it will have the name of the collection below the brand name. Some bags have front labels only saying ‘Kate Spade’ without ‘New York’ under it. Always check the size & shape of the letters as well as the spelling.

Common types of front labels:
• Leather bags will never have a fabric label on them. An authentic Kate Spade leather bag always has the brand name embossed (usually in gold foil or gold plated metal logo) or stamped on directly onto the leather.

• Some Kate Spade bags have a light gold plated rectangular or spade label on the front of the bag with ‘Kate Spade New York’ engraved on it.

• Some handbags have ‘Kate Spade New York’ engraved onto the light gold plated closure of the bag.

• Some bags, including most nylon bags, have a rectangular patch on the front which can be made of cowhide, resin, leather or other materials with the brand name embossed on the plate. The plate is secured on all four corners and typically matches the bag or the trim of the bag.

Kate Spade bags also usually have a light gold-plated spade stud or an embossed spade above the brand name label, unless if the front label is a light gold plated rectangular or spade label.


Here's some examples of fake Kate Spade Logos:

#3 Feet: For Kate Spade bags that come with feet, the feet are small and unobtrusive. They should not be large and they should not be cone-shaped or pyramid.
Typically, the feet of Kate Spade bags are 14-karat light gold plated, circular, flat and placed at each of the four corners of the bag. Kate Spade bags that do not have metal feet are the nylon Sam, Claire, Amy, Messenger bags and diaper bags.


#4 Hardware: Examine the zippers, snaps and other hardware on the bag. They should be of high quality with no rust or tarnish. Kate Spade bags usually come in 14-karat light gold plated hardware.

#5 Stitching: The stitching on the bag should be even with no loose threads.

#6 Retail tag: Brand new authentic Kate Spade bags usually come with a retail tag that is green on one side with ‘Kate Spade New York’ on it.

At the back of the retail tag, the style name and style number of the bag should be written on it with a barcode below. The style name should be in all small letters and common style numbers start with PXRU or PWRU followed by a 4-digit number.


#7 Care card: Other than the retail tag, brand new authentic Kate Spade bags should also come with a green Kate Spade care card which tells you how to properly care for the bag.