Official Launch of Amore-Venti

Dear customers,

We have official launched our new website : This is a celebration for us as we have been dreaming about it for years! We wouldn't have make it without your support. 

With the new website, now you can kill two birds with one stone by getting your dream bag and yet pay by credit cards to earn their rewards. 

We have also expanded our business to allow customers to consign their pre-owned or brand new bags to Amore-Venti at a minimal fee. Now you can get a new bag by selling away your old one! We charge only a small fee upon the sale of your item. We will help you do a posting on our website, facebook, instagram and also carousell.

Lastly, to celebrate our new launch and brand new image, please enjoy $10 off any purchase when you use promo code: 10OFF upon carting out.

We will still be updating our blog with latest product launches. But going forward, all transactions and designs will be updated on

Thank you for your continuous support and we hope you will visit our online shop  ( soon.