How to authenticate Coach Bags

 At Amore Venti, we guarantee that your purchases are 100% authentic.
Here are some tips on how you can differentiate between a fake & an authentic Coach bag.
#1 The CC pattern: If the Coach bag has the signature CC pattern, check it carefully for irregularities.
• Make sure the C's are actually C's & not G's or O’s.
• The CC pattern should always have a horizontal CC print followed by a vertical CC print. The C’s should be next to each other in doubles, not in a single row of C’s.
• The CC pattern should be aligned perfectly both horizontally & vertically.
• There should be no breaks in the pattern, even at the seams & front/back pockets, although some side seams are almost impossible to continue the pattern on.
#2 Fixtures: Most fixtures of Coach bags, including metal hardware, should contain the Coach logo. However, some newer models do not have the Coach stamp on the fixtures. When in doubt, check photos of an authentic product to see if the fixtures of that particular style contain the Coach logo.
#3 Stitching: The seams of a Coach bag & its interior authenticity tag should be neatly stitched on, not glued on. Each stitch on a Coach bag should be of the same length & follow a straight line. There should be no “over-stitching”, or sewing stiches over an edge to prevent fraying/loosening. If you see the string knot or cheap threads that may be pulled out from some places, the bag may be a fake.
#4 Sturdiness: The bag should look sturdy, not slouching to one side or lopsided.
#5 Authenticity tag: Most Coach bags have a square-shaped leather panel inside with a Coach creed & a serial number consisting of letters & numbers stamped on it.
• The panel should be sewn into the lining, not glued on.
• The Coach creed should be in all capital letters, in English and with no spelling mistakes.
• The writing should be neat, not crookedly stamped on.
• Some of the smaller purses/bags and some older Coach bags do not have serial numbers.
• The interior serial number should start with “No” (abbreviation for number) & have 4 to 5 digits after the dash indicating the style number of the bag.
• The patch should be embossed into the leather, not simply printed in ink. Some bags such as the Legacy series are lettered in a gold-coloured ink & even then, the patch is still stamped into the leather before being lettered over in gold.
#6 Logo tag: Coach bags have logo tags attached by a beaded metal chain. The tag should usually match the trim of the bag. The words “COACH” should be raised, not imprinted. Most tags are leather, not hard plastic, but some styles have metal tags.
#7 Zippers: The zippers of most Coach bags, but not all, are branded with the letters “YKK” – a high quality manufacturer of zippers. The zipper pull is usually made of leather or a series of rings.
#8 Lining: If the outside of the bag has the signature CC pattern, the lining will not have the pattern. If the inside of the bag has the CC pattern, the lining will not have the pattern. Sometimes neither the lining nor the outside material has the CC pattern. An authentic Coach bag should not have the CC pattern on both.